The Craft of Writing

About This Blog is focused on a single concept, and that is to help aspiring authors learn the basics of their chosen craft. For that reason, many of these posts are too simplistic for the seasoned among us.

This blog is here to offer authors and wannabes with tips, techniques and ideas that might help us all to sell more of these things into which we pour our souls. I’ll look at writing, editing, marketing, the business end of writing and more. Whatever I think might help even one struggling author out there will hit these pages. I hope you find something of use to you.

I’d like to take a moment and address any editing errors you may will find on this blog. Editing is work and writing is fun. Yes, I know a writing blog should be edited to the Nth degree, but quite frankly, I do this for fun. So, when you find those nasty details in need of an edit, I’m certain you’ll understand and let it ride. Besides, how much did this cost you? There ya go…

I am always open to suggestions and comments.

Thanks for spending a bit of your time here.

C. Patrick Schulze

  1. Thanks, living in Germany I stand lonely as an American “scribbler”. There are no support groups.
    I had a large “writers notebook” condensed from many books and years of “The Writers Magazine”, that was not opened in a long time. I’ve finished a western, went back to add 40 pages, and some other character took over. The poor naughty girl just kept getting into one predicament after another. I followed.

    I got the original western back as stand alone, but the other book runs on 60-80 page detail driven chapters, that I now find are second draft (cut like the devil) not finished and prune as I thought…in I’d been scribbling, not writing.

    Thanks to “stumbling on you”, I have a lot of work to do, and I thank you. I will still do the last two chapters in my old throw the part to be painted in the swimming pool of paint, chip off paint later. I have to see if she gets a French or an American ending. I should be done this week.

    Before going back and chopping out all the 1880’s stuff you see in the movies as back ground. I had so much fun, showing how up to date they really were. Dam…. Do you know how hard it will be to set the scene in an 1880’s bordello in two sentences?

    Your info tips are short, good and to the point.

  2. Good evening, Bill.

    I liked your line about “the poor naughty girl just kept getting into one predicament after another. I followed.” Letting them take us where they want to go is the fum part of writing.

    As to cramming the 1880’s onto a couple sentences, it’s not as tough as you might think. When I went back to do that, I was surprised how easily it came to me.

    What are you doing in Germany? Military?

    Take care, Bill.


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